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Winslips Reviews – The Truth

winslips toonWe’re 100% sure you’ve seen dozens of positive reviews about Winslips.com.

Unfortunately, some questionable people LOVE to post fake negative reviews as well.

Let us show you why (and how they profit BIG TIME from this) …
  • These scammers know that Winslips is a GREAT and INGENIOUS lotto program.
  • They also know that, by word of mouth, thousands of other folks have great interest in Winslips too.
  • People who have the intend to buy usually head over to Google FIRST and type in the words “Winslips Review” …

But here comes the despicable marketing tactic …
  • These cheaters park FAKE negative reviews on the first page of Google’s search engine results.
  • They use great titles too, like “Winslips Exposed”, or “All talk no win”, or “Wins Nothing”

NOT to warn you how bad Winslips is (that’s just a BOGUS reason, in reality Winslips is BRILLIANT) …

… but to SELL you their products and services!

Take this guy for example who “exposes lottos” and operates under the fake pen-name “Nick Silver”. He criticizes Winslips to the fullest, yet admits to have never tried it. To highlight what’s going on, we added some remarks (in red) to the screenshot below …

When we browse his sneaky website, what we see is that he makes BIG BUCKS by tricking his visitors into buying lotto tickets from a very questionable online ticket broker. Of course, for each ticket sold through his lousy website, he gets a FAT affiliate commission, and that’s really the ONLY reason why he is attempting to steal our traffic and visitors!

Wanna see Nick Silver’s team of “honest” reviewers?

We are not making this up, but here are the self-portraits of his non-existing team as published on his website. (screenshot taken with the sole purpose of exposing the scam)

Honestly, are these the reviewers you wanna trust?

We don’t think so!

These cheaters are just out there to steal our website visitors, and they know it.

MEET THE LOTTERY GUY (another SCAM artist)
Here’s another ANONYMOUS scam artist who calls himself the Lottery Guy. He uses similar tactics to capture lottery related traffic, including the search term “Winslips”. He then tries to convince his audience to buy his own product (solid evidence below).

Amazingly, he “reviews” Winslips as “lots of pointless analysis of past history results”.

How can he possibly say that?

If he would spend just 5 minutes on Winslips, he would INSTANTLY see that Winslips is a fail-safe number reduction system based on PURE mathematics, certainly NOT a pointless prediction website based on past history results.

It just proves that this guy’s opinion is totally unfounded, absolutely not credible, and completely ridiculous.

Honestly, the infamous and highly anonymous “Lottery Guy” simply captures lottery related search terms to up-sell his own product.

He’s not cheap either …

$84.00 each year for his “monthly tips” and a “secret sauce” he will only reveal once you’re inside (yeah, right). Have a quick look at the screenshot below.

Winslips is the ONLY budget-friendly lottery system out there that WORKS to your advantage and the “competition” knows that too. Our tool is just PERFECT to squeeze the best possible chance out of a limited budget. No, we can’t guarantee you to win a prize if you play just 1 combination. But we do guarantee you a BEST chance your dollar can buy, even if you play just one 1 combination!

Try Winslips now and see for yourself. Our money back guarantee is no joke or cheap gimmick. We truly want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Even if you’re only 95% satisfied, we still want you to have your money back! We want you to be so satisfied that you’ll tell all your friends and family members about us:

Each day of the week, we work very hard to make sure that ALL our customers are completely satisfied with Winslips. That’s really all that matters to us, and we won’t settle for less:

To your success!

The Winslips team

Winslips ecover