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Here’s what our users have to say about Winslips (and why it is so different compared to other systems) …

“Absolutely Genius”
I’ve been working with lottery strategies for close to 30 years now. Very limited success so far until I ran across WinSlips. Absolutely GENIUS. I would really like to see what you have in store moving forward. Please include me within your network. Proud User of WinSlips Ultimate.
Marty M. (USA)

“Out Of This World”
Hey Stefan, your system is out of this world. I have tried so many lottery tricks and systems that I bought, but yours ROCKS. It really works. Thank you so much.
Ruel F. (Ontario – Canada)

“I Admire You For This”
I suspect your mind works much the same as mine, not just to perfect the ultimate plan or system, but you clearly have a love of mathematics which I too have, and a clear persistence to forge ahead and find the solution to winning the lotteries. Let me tell you I admire you for this, and understand your drive so to speak.
John B. (United Kingdom)

“A Monster”
Stefan, you have created a ‘monster’ capable of devouring anything that stands in its way. Winslips is a winner any day for those who know its worth. The ‘cumulative probability calculations’ capabilities of the new version is pretty much like putting some icing on a beautiful, tasty and one-of-a-kind cake. Since you created this awesome monster, you probably know already that my observation is spot-on.
Regards to your entire team!
Raymond S. (USA)

“Best Chance On Earth”
Dear Stefan, I have Winslips and I think it is brilliant and a great tool to use. Winslips gives you the best chance on earth of ever winning any lotto. Thank you!
Daniel G. (USA)

“I Do See The Winning Numbers”
I love your system. Makes me feel like I am picking solid numbers and I do see the winning numbers on the boards like your manual says each draw.
Dave B. (USA)

“Very Impressed With Winslips”
Dear Stefan, I have been using Winslips for a while now and have been very impressed with it.
Sanjay K. (United Kingdom)

“Thanks For Adding an Intelligent Approach”
Stefan, I’m now a Winslips subscriber and user. Thanks for adding an intelligent approach to what can be an emotional game.
Donald M. (USA)

“I like Winslips a Lot”
I have been using your lottery system several times now and I like it a lot. Not only because of the slightly increased winning chances for big prizes, but also because of the mathematics used.
Emiel M. (The Netherlands)

“Well Presented and Well Organized Portal for Service”
Your website is a well presented and well organized portal for service. You also respond faster than other software programs I use, which is very impressive and businesslike.
Thomas F. (Australia)

“Your Mathematical Mind and Smartness is Amazing”
Thanks, Stefan! Your mathematical mind and smartness in producing Winslips is amazing. Keep up the good work.
Brian W. (Australia)

“Keep Doing What You’re Doing”
I’ve used your tips to win. No big wins – yet – but wins nonetheless. You know your system has merit, I know, so do thousands of others. Keep doing what you’re doing! Oh – and thank you!
Karla R. (USA)

“Happy With Your Winning Program”
Hello Stefan, I am happy with your winning program and don’t care what others say out there. With your program I know I will win the big one soon.
Keith R. (South Africa)

“Almost Hit the Jackpot First Week of Using Winslips”
Stefan, Just wanted to let you know that I almost hit the jackpot in my first week of using the Winslips system, 4 out of 5 numbers for $250 for the NH Gimmie 5. Almost won 100,000 first prize. Great system. Can’t wait to hit The Big One. I’ll keep you posted.
Jim L. (New Hampshire – USA)

“Enjoying Playing the Lottery Again”
Hi. Been enjoying the Winslips system and am enjoying playing the lottery again because it doesn’t feel as if I’m just wasting money.
Jay W. (USA)

“Just Got 4 Numbers and the Extra Ball”
I have been using Winslips for less than 2 months and just got 4 numbers and the extra ball.
Jake J. (USA)

“My Year to Win Big”
Thank you! I think this is my year to win big!
Louise B. (USA)

Your work is remarkable.
Konstantin Y. (Russia)

“It’s Brilliant”
Stefan, I had a few bucks on one of my cards, so I bought some time on Winslips. I think it’s brilliant.
Tony H. (Alberta – Canada)

“You Did Your Homework”
It’s obvious you did your homework. Thanks!
Mark S. (Maine – USA)

“Thank You For Being Honest”
I want to thank you for being honest with me that is why I stay with you!

Roscoe E. (Missouri – USA)

“Thanks For An Easy System to Use!”
I have used many different systems to select the right numbers, they all claim to be the Best. However, your system is easy to use and does not cost too much to use. I have got 3 numbers several times with winslips. Still looking for 5 +. Thanks for an easy system to use!
Michael P. (USA)

“Very Good System”
Congratulations for your very good system and for all your work.

Americo P. (Sydney – Australia)

I am sending you a brief note to let you know that your system is an amazing one.
Robert B. (California – USA)

“Nudge In The Right Direction”
The answer is in the numbers. Thanks again! Life has become easier knowing that someone like you was willing to give us a nudge in the right direction. All the best!
William B. (Canada)

“Winslips is Great”
Dear Stefan, I think your Winslips is great.
Scott B. (Oklahoma – USA)

Hi Stefan. I sincerely appreciate all your help and appreciate even more the time and effort you put into creating a program like Winslips for the masses to use. Thanks!
Melvin F. (New York – USA)

“Great Site”
I think WinSlips is a great site, have yet to win a BIG one but I am not done yet :-)
Hiren A. (Ohio – USA)

“More Than Just A Game Changer”
Your system is more than just a game changer to me. It’s giving me new hope.
David T. (New Jersey – USA)

I like the basic common sense logic, clarity of presentation and am now expectant. Regards,
Herb L. (South Africa)

“Your Program Is Tops”
Winslips is something on its own and it works “brilliant” for me at least. It’s unlike other programs which produce hundreds and thousands of combinations which nobody can afford. I’m very close to a perfect hit very soon and your program is tops.
Pieter V. (South Africa)

“Grade A++”
Just wanted to say that your system is one of a kind. Grade A++

Jamie S. (West Virginia – USA)

“Polished Program”
Stefan, I’m currently a WinSlips subscriber and want to say THANKS for all the effort that went into this polished program!
Peter L. (California – USA)

“Very Reliable”
Your program is amazing and very reliable.
Petrus A. (South Africa)

“I’ve Tried Many Things”
I conclude that you have found some type of “universal” principle that is common to all games of a certain type. In any case, I’m enjoying playing the lottery now and I’ve tried many things. Keep the faith. Sincerely,

James B. (Switzerland)

Amazing tool!
Georgios D. (Greece)

“I Almost Hit The Jackpot”
(editorial note – this testimonial came in when we temporarily stopped selling Winslips) … Hi Stefan, I’m seeing that you are no longer selling your software. Why? It is such an awesome product and it is rated the best out there on the web. I almost hit the jackpot with Winslips. Please continue to sell it!
Nia P. (USA)

“Winslips Works So Well !!!”
Stefan, I wish I could somehow help you with a testimonial that will end all doubters because Winslips works SO WELL !!!

David B. (Montreal, Canada)

Want More “REAL” Testimonials?

We receive tons of these, so here are a couple more …

“My Imagination Has Again Been Relit”
To say I am impressed is doing you an injustice, Stefan. I have – as you know – followed you for years and have purchased your books, but I do not know why I never got on board with Winslips for so long. I do assure you that I have already read the user manual twice and my imagination has again been relit. Thanks very much for keeping in touch with me all these years, best wishes and onwards and upwards.
Joe S. (United Kingdom)

“The Real Deal”
Hello Stefan, your system is the real deal and you are a genius. Thank you.
Leonard W. (USA)

“So Darn Close”
Winslips gets so darn close at times. Thanks for giving us players a chance.
Dennis B. (USA)

Your system is probably the only real system out there that is consistent.
Robert S. (USA)

“I Feel Confident”
I’ve only had Winslips about an hour ago and already I love it. Very impressed with your software. This is one program that I feel confident will help me win!
Jim A. (USA)

“The Only Product Worth Purchasing”
Hello and greetings, Stefan. Congratulations, you have the only product worth purchasing on the net for lotto.
Richard V. (New Zealand)

“You Made Sense To Me”
I know little compared to you but I can come to logical conclusions. I like letting you do the thinking, and it is the first time a lottery, numismatics guy like you made sense to me. I love numbers. Thanks for you time and effort.
Rod G. (USA)

“I Love It So Much”
I just subscribed to Winslips and I must testify to you that I love it so much. Thanks for creating Winslips.
Frank O. (USA)

“Amazing Program”
I would like to thank you for this amazing program. You rock!
Wesley B. (USA)

“The Best Investment I Have Ever Made”
First and foremost, this program is the best investment I have ever made on my lottery playing adventure. I want to thank Stefan and the team for this awesome tool.
Olusola S. (USA)

“Very Pleased With The Results”
Started using your system and am very pleased with the results I have gotten for far. Thanks and regards,
Jay S. (USA)

“Glad I Joined”
I am glad I joined the winslips family. I know a big win is coming soon. Love you all!
Nelson J. (USA)

“Your System Is The Best”
Hello Stefan, your system is the best and you know it. Thank you!
Leonidas X. (Greece)

“Fun Again”
Thank you. Playing the lottery is fun again.
Paul Z. (USA)

“Impressed and Very Comfortable”
I hit 4 out of 5 on Palmetto Cash 5 in 3 days of using the system. I’m impressed and very comfortable with Winslips. Plenty of options and control over what numbers the system works its magic with. I know I’ll hit all 5 soon enough. Thanks Again!
Alvin C. (USA)

Your systems are excellent. Keep up the good work helping us ‘Duffers’!
Daniel M. (USA)

Any Big Win Testimonials?

Yes, we do get big win stories and thank-you-notes in our mailbox. Some say we should publish those testimonials to build brand trust, but that’s a bit like ignoring our own advice to our customers.

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