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Test Results

Winslips Lottery System Test: Aug 8 2022

August 8, 2022 Posted in Blog, Lottery Systems, Powerball

Steal With Your Eyes!

The purpose of this test is to give you a basic idea of how the Winslips lottery system works. On this blog, we only publish test results for American Powerball, and this 3 times a week.
winslips toon

The same approach and principle that you see on this page applies to all lotto games that are supported by Winslips. But the workout and details for each game are quite different of course.

For now, pay special attention to this page …

Powerball USA Draw Date: August 8 2022

Winning numbers were:


Winslips’ Triple AAA Check!

How Achievable, Accurate and Affordable is Winslips?

Let’s find out …

I. Achievability : what to expect?
  • What Winslips is NOT
    • WinSlips is NOT a bogus lottery number prediction service.
    • Winslips is NOT a system that makes you believe you can make a consistent profit by winning small prizes. You can’t!
    • Winslips is NOT a system that makes you believe you can win 8 out of 10 games played. Yes, there is a way to guarantee a small prize 8 out of 10 drawings played, but the requirement to spend “hundreds of dollars” on tickets each draw to “win” 5 bucks (or less) is the real secret here!
    • Winslips is NOT an online lottery ticket service. Lottery tickets will need to be purchased at your local lottery store.

  • What Winslips IS
    Winslips IS a web-based lottery tool that makes your winning ambitions more achievable. The application is powered by a brand-new and fully enhanced version of two extremely reliable lottery systems that we previously developed: the One Ticket System and the Inverted Lottery System. You can see a combined screenshot of “Winslips-In-Action” on the How It Works page.

    Two observations …

    • Winslips gives you the advantage of getting your lottery numbers from a 100% fail-safe “Number Reduction Platform”. Because the winning combination is ALWAYS in there (see proof below), and because there are fewer numbers to choose from, it becomes much easier for you to get a possible jackpot winning combination.

    • Winslips picks the numbers for you with a build-in “Number Verification Picker”. This Number Picker automatically verifies if a picked combination has the correct number distribution footprint. For your information … nearly all jackpot winning tickets have that footprint (so why bother playing tickets that don’t).
      The benefit of ONLY playing combinations with a correct distribution is that you can literally exclude hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of combinations, and this almost “worry-free”. The accuracy is around 95%, and that’s close enough to keep using it!

II. Accuracy : how reliable is Winslips?

Disclaimer …
Please note that, although Powerball is played in 45 North-American States, each individual state has some local layout differences. Some states use a traditional 7, 8 or 9 column layout for their game panels while other states have up to 16 columns per game panel. Here we depict the 7-column layout, but with Winslips Ultimate you can select the exact configuration for each state.

  1. Winslips Number Reduction Platform…
    100% success!
    2 of the 6 provided panels – panel 2 and panel 5 – contained all 5 main winning numbers. The minimum guarantee is 1 panel. Panels are created automatically by the Winslips program. The layout of these panels is dynamic in time and is unique for each type of lotto game.
    USA Powerball lottery system reduction August 8 2022
  2. Winslips Number Verification Picker…
    100% success!
    The 5 main numbers – 32, 45, 51, 57 and 58 – were within range of the pre-selected probabilities. The red Powerball – number 12 – remains a matter of pure luck.
    USA Powerball lottery system picker August 8 2022

III. Affordability : how budget-friendly is it to use Winslips?

Many players use Winslips Ultimate to drastically cut down on their weekly lottery expenses while playing their lottery jackpot games a lot more efficiently.

With Winslips, you either use the Number Verification Picker in conjunction with the fail-safe Number Reduction Platform (6 tickets) or as a stand-alone “one ticket system” (1 ticket). One ticket is 1 game or 1 combination of selected numbers.

We challenge anyone to provide more value and a BETTER chance to win BIG with FEWER tickets.

Winslips’ number reduction algorithm to shrink the original pool of numbers to a reduced and more manageable pool of numbers is guaranteed to be 100% fail-safe. It’s the ONLY tool out there that gives you that assuring guarantee.

With that guarantee in mind, you should realize that picking numbers from fewer numbers is ALWAYS easier than picking an equal amount of numbers from more numbers. That’s a universal lottery law, and that’s why Winslips works so well.

Click HERE to see if Winslips Ultimate is available at this time. When available, unrestricted access can be obtained instantly. Your satisfaction is our absolute priority, so we do have a 100% risk-free Money Back Guarantee in place.

Trust us, you’ll love Winslips Ultimate. We can’t wait to see that big smile on your face.