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Any BIG WIN testimonials?

Yes, we do get big win stories and thank-you-notes in our mailbox from time to time.

Some say we should publish those testimonials to build brand trust, but that’s a bit like ignoring our own advice to our customers:
Stay Anonymous
When a big lottery win happens to you, you should ALWAYS keep your “Big Win” as much a secret as you possibly can. If you don’t, not only complete strangers will harass you, but some of your best friends and family members will show their true colors too.
Now, in an attempt to preserve our winners’ anonymity, you might think we could easily publish those BIG WIN stories with altered names and addresses. It is allowed, but the FTC (= internet police) has some very strict rules on that …
  • The original testimonial must be on paper with the winner’s real name, address and signature.
  • We need to provide a copy of the signed testimonial to the FTC upon their request.
So in fact, we would be allowed to hide the identity of our winners on our website if we agree to reveal our winners’ identities to the FTC. Although we agree there’s no other way to prove that a BIG WIN testimonial is 100% for real, it’s a bit absurd that we would reveal a winner’s name when we advise our customers to stay anonymous and keep their winnings a secret, no?
We are determined to protect the privacy of all our users. That’s why we decided to publish only those testimonials that don’t mention Big Wins and thus don’t require a signature on paper.
Finally, let us remind you that plenty of lottery websites just don’t care about privacy rules, or even worse, … publish completely fake testimonials.

We, on the other hand, are a highly trusted name for developing and supplying premium lottery information products. Click HERE to find out more about us.

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