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Thank you for visiting WINSLIPS.com.

My name is Stefan Vandevelde, and I am the ‘Number Cruncher’ behind Winslips. I live in the Canary Islands (Spain) and I am a well-known lottery book publisher.

I am the current world record holder of the C(49,6,2,6) covering design. That design is a wheeling challenge amongst the world’s best lottery wheel designers.

Lotto wheels can be great, but their greatness has limits. The amount of lines required to make them work quickly adds up, and that’s why I created Winslips.

Winslips is a lottery tool built exclusively for low-budget players. The online application is powered by an enhanced version of two of the most reliable lottery systems ever created: the One Ticket System and the Inverted Lottery System.

Both these systems were developed by myself, so I was the only person on this planet who knew how to fuse them together.

It took me over a year to complete the process. The amount of calculations that had to be made were enormous. If I knew back then what I know now, I don’t think I would start it all over again. But I’m very proud that I persevered.

I sincerely hope you will use Winslips soon. You can get INSTANT unrestricted access by following this link. It’s extremely easy to set-up and use, I guarantee you. My support team and myself offer excellent support as well.

Thank you SO MUCH for being our guest,

Stefan Vandevelde and the Winslips Team

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