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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use Winslips in my country and state?
    Most lottery games we know of are fully supported. Here’s our list of supported games.

  2. Can I access and use Winslips with a smartphone or tablet?
    Yes you can … Winslips works perfectly on tablets and (bigger) smartphones. But you have to understand that the bigger your screen-size is, the better your viewing experience will be.

  3. Are your testimonials real?
    Absolutely, and we have very good reasons to keep our credibility as high as we possibly can. All testimonials published on this website are unsolicited and are coming from real customers. Our customers love to tell us how much they appreciate Winslips, and we love to hear it.

  4. Are you trustworthy?
    I stand by my reputation, which speaks for itself. Both me and my team work very hard to make sure you are completely satisfied with our product. We won’t settle for less!

  5. I am not receiving your email messages?
    To solve this, just follow these easy instructions.

  6. My password doesn’t seem to work. Can you check?
    It does work, but all passwords are CASE sensitive. To give you an example, a password like “ABC12″ is not the same as “abc12″. Also, make sure that you’re not leaving a blank space at the very end of your login-name and password.

  7. Does Winslips work with digit games like Pick 3?
    No. Digit games where you have to pick 3, 4 or 5 digits from 10 possible digits (0-9) are not supported by Winslips.

  8. I read a bad review about Winslips. How come?
    Rest assured, Winslips is a great product and most reviews are very positive. However, you must read this page to fully understand why (some) people are writing bad reviews. It’s just a marketing tactic to steal our traffic.

  9. Is Winslips difficult to use?
    Not at all! The Winslips application is extremely easy to use and comes with an easy to understand user guide.

  10. Does Winslips pick the numbers for me?
    Yes it does! All it takes is a click on a button.

  11. Can I use a Credit Card instead of PayPal?
    Absolutely. You don’t need PayPal when using a credit card. Simply turn off the option to create a PayPal account as shown on this page.

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